Christopher Jette Joins Faculty as Grant Wood Fellow

Composer Christopher Jette is joining us this year as a Grant Wood Fellow.  Jette considers himself “a curator of lovely sounds” and has a special focus on the artistic possibilities at the intersection of human performers/creators and technological tools. Jette’s personal website contains videos, scores, and many sound samples of his work, like video included below of his recent electro-acoustic work utuquq (2014) for piano, kinect sensor, and live electronics. Characteristic of Jette’s multifaceted aesthetics, utuquq draws together recorded walrus sounds, the ridge lines of the White Mountains, and technological processes controlled by human gestures. In addition to creating new work, he will direct the Laptop Orchestra of the University of Iowa (see the earlier post about LOUI here). Jette will also teach Composition, Composition Seminar, and co-teach Collaborative Performance with faculty from the Department of Dance.

Welcome Professor Jette!