Grad Student Updates: a defense, a conference, and a newly designed course

Congratulations to Ryne Carlson, who successfully defended his masters thesis!Image result for schubert In “Instrumental Inspiration: An Analysis of Schubert’s Self-Borrowing of His Instrumental Music in His Lieder,”  Ryne analyzed passages where Schubert adapted instrumental music for use in a later Lied.  Such borrowing from instrumental music in vocal music is relatively rare for Schubert, and Ryne’s thesis considers how such quotations reveal new facets of both compositions, with each lending commentary on the other.  Ryne is now at work in the Theory Ph.D. program at Iowa.

Ph.D. student Cody Norling recently completed a review of Alexandra Wilson’s Opera in the Jazz Age: Cultural Politics in 1920s Britain,  now available in the Journal of Musicological Research. In addition, Cody conducted research at Chicago’s Newberry Library in preparation for a presentation at the “Opera and Popular Culture after 1900” conference held in February at Texas Christian University.
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The Newberry

Cody is also completing a two-year appointment as a TA in Rhetoric. Through this program, Cody designed and taught “Rhetorics of Music,” which concluded with student presentations on topics ranging from music therapy and current music tastes to video game music and film music. At present, Cody is serving Rhetoric by researching the possibilities for online speaking instruction.