Colloquium Archive

Spring 2021

January 29: Edward Klorman (McGill University), “Theorizing Agency in the Classical Quartet”

February 5: Chelsea Burns (UT Austin), “Negotiating Identities: Carlos Chávez and the Trouble with Musical ‘Nationalism'”

February 12: Will Robin (University of Maryland), “Bang on a Can and New Music’s Marketplace Turn”

February 26: Interviewing workshop

March 5: Lightning talk workshop

March 19: Alyssa Barna (University of Minnesota), “The Bridge and the Role of Contrast in Post-Millennial Popular Music”

April 2: Daphne Leong (University of Colorado Boulder), “Composition as Performance in Wuorinen’s Grand Union

Saturday, April 10, 3:30–5:00 pm: Dwandalyn R. Reece (National Museum of African American History and Culture), “Music and the Meaning of Things.” This presentation is the keynote address for the midwest chapters of AMS and SEM. Register here for the keynote (for free!).

April 16: Digital humanities and new media panel: Katie Buehner (Rita Benton Music Library, University of Iowa) and Tom Keegan (Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio, University of Iowa)

April 23: Long-term research projects workshop

May 7: Planning session for next year

Fall 2020

September 11: Conference proposal workshop

October 2: Conference presentations workshop

October 16: Matthew Mugmon (University of Arizona)

October 23: Turning a paper into an article workshop

December 4: Job applications workshop

December 11: Alt-academic career panel: Leslie Finer (University of Iowa), Hang Nguyen (Iowa State Historical Society), and Amanda Sewell (Interlochen Public Radio)

Spring 2020

February 14: James A. Grymes (University of North Carolina Charlotte), “Cabaret Songs as Discord to the Harmonizing Narrative of Theresienstadt”

February 21: Monica Hershberger (SUNY Geneseo), “‘A Little Gold-Digger at the Start’? Beverly Sills as Elizabeth ‘Baby Doe’ Tabor.”

February 28: Danuta Mirka (Northwestern University), “Harmonic Schemata and Hypermeter.”

Fall 2019

August 30: Welcome back meeting

September 20: Special event: Benjamin Revis, scientific glassblower, on the water clock for the Scientific Concert by Jean-François Charles, October 27.

Thursday evening, October 17, 7:30 pm: Bruce Gleason (University of St. Thomas), “Cavalry Kettledrummers, Trumpeters and Mounted Bands: Rome, the Crusades, Europe, and the Americas.” Note special time.

October 25: Nadine Hubbs (University of Michigan), “Country Mexicans: Sounding Mexican American Life, Love, and Belonging in Country Music.”

Spring 2019

January 25: Marian Wilson Kimber (University of Iowa), “Musical Iowana: Iowa Women’s Clubs and the Promotion of Iowa Composers”

February 1: Gabriel Solis (University of Illinois)

February 22: Sherrie Tucker  (University of Kansas)

March 8: Brandon Alexander Williams (University of Iowa, Grant Wood Fellow)


March 29 : Louis Epstein (St. Olaf College)

April 4 (Thursday), 6:30 pm, Recital Hall: Paul Barnes (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

April 5: Toni Blackman

April 12: Jee-Weon Cha (Grinnell College), Between Rationalism and Empiricism: (Mis)Reading Mattheson Reading Descartes”

April 19: Mark Katz(UNC-Chapel Hill)
“Hip Hop Diplomacy as Subversive Complicity”

April 26: Rebekah Kowal (Department of Dance, University of Iowa)

May 3: Karen Fournier(University of Michigan), “Détournement and the Moving Image: The Politics of Representation in Early Punk Videos”

Fall 2018

September 7: Armando Duarte (University of Iowa). “‘O Samba no Corpo de um Brasileiro’: the Samba Within the Body of a Brazilian Man”

September 14: Arnie Cox (Oberlin College and Conservatory), “Audible and Inaudible Features of Music”

September 28: Jason Rawls, “Hip-Hop as an Educational Tool: Why Hip Hop Education is Imperative to Teachers and Students”

October 26: Lisa Mumme (University of Iowa), “‘Angelica di voce’: Ángela Peralta as Nineteenth-Century Diva”

November 9: Matthew Arndt (University of Iowa), “The Dark Side of Oz as Allegory of Spiritual Transformation”

November 30: Sarah Lucas (Drake University)

Spring 2018

February 9: Michael Eckert (University of Iowa), “Either/Or: Teaching Approaches to Renaissance Counterpoint”

February 16: Neil Lerner (Davidson College), “‘Show you the music?’: Trusting the Mute and Questioning Ableism in Film Music Theory”

February 23: Sarah Suhadolnik (University of Iowa), “Friendly Meetings Abroad: Navigating Geographies of Genre on Basin Street”

March 9: Patricia Hall (University of Michigan), “In the Margins”

March 21, 4 pm, 2 VOX, Anne Leonard (University of Chicago), “Present at the Creation: The Romantic Iconography of the Turned Canvas,” note special time

March 23: Jessica Kizzire (Greenville University, University of Iowa alumna)

March 30: Tony Perman (Grinnell College)

April 13: Steven Bruns (University of Colorado at Boulder)

April 20: Alison DeSimone (University of Missouri, Kansas City)

April 27: Aaron Allen (University of North Carolina at Greensboro), “Musical Trees”

May 4: Thomas Christensen (University of Chicago)

Fall 2017

September 8: Cody Norling (the University of Iowa)

September 15: Maria Pomianowska (Academy of Music in Cracow)

September 22: Andrew Tubbs (the University of Iowa)

September 29: Nathan Platte (Associate Professor, the University of Iowa), “Resonant spaces or echo chambers? Listening to Hollywood’s music through its archives”

October 6: Marian Wilson Kimber (Professor, the University of Iowa), “Women Composers at the White House: Phyllis Fergus and the Concerts of the National League of American Pen Women.”

October 13, 5 VOX: Katie Buehner (Music Library Director, University of Iowa) and Ruthann McTyre (Music Library Director, Yale University), “A Tale of Two Voxmans” (MLA conference presentation)

October 20: Jane Ferrencz (University of Wisconsin, Whitewater)

October 27: Kelsey McGinnis (University of Iowa)

November 3: SMT Conference

November 10: AMS Conference

November 24: Thanksgiving week

December 1: Brian Hallstoos (University of Dubuque), with a special introduction by Michael Hill (University of Iowa, English and African American Studies). Please note: this talk will begin at 3:30.

Spring 2017

February 2 (Opera Studies, Th. 5:30 pm, 2 VOX): Marian Wilson Kimber (University of Iowa), “Reciting Parsifal: Opera as Spoken Word Performance in America”

February 10: L. Poundie Burstein (Hunter College and the Graduate Center at CUNY), “Paths and Asides in Galant Expositions”

February 17: Marian Wilson Kimber and Natalie Landowski (University of Iowa), “In a Woman’s Voice: Musical Readings by American Women” (lecture-recital)

March 9 (Opera Studies, Th. 5:30 PM, 2520D UCC):  Cody Norling, (University of Iowa), “Puccini’s Grotesque West: Indigenous Depictions in La fanciulla del west

March 24: James Skretta (University of Iowa): “Metric Struggle/Cognitive Struggle: A Phenomenological Approach to Narrative in Schumann’s Symphony No. 2” 

April 6: Glenn Watkins (University of Michigan), Recital Hall  (2301 VOX), 7:30 pm, “Music and the 100th Anniversary of America’s Entrance into World War I”

April 7: Ben Duane (Washington University in St. Louis), “Bayesian Learning of Tonal Cadences”

April 14: Daphne Tan (Indiana University), “‘Hearing Organic Structure’: Viktor Zuckerkandl as Schenker’s Disciple”

April 17 (Opera Studies, Mon. 5:30 p.m., 2390 UCC): Margaret Butler (University of Florida), “Performing Celebrity: Opera Theater, Audiences, and the Late Eighteenth-Century Prima Donna”

April 21: Matthew Arndt (University of Iowa), “Berg’s Piano Sonata and Reverse Organicism”

April 28: Daniel Chua (University of Hong Kong), “Desecularizing Beethoven: Is Beethoven a Sacred Composer?”

Fall 2016

October 7: Kate van Orden (Harvard University), “Learning to Read”

October 21: Tim Storhoff (ethnomusicologist and arts administrator), “Arts Policy and Musical Diplomacy in the Obama Era: An Ethnomusicologist and Arts Administrator’s Perspective”

December 2: Carol Oja (Harvard University), “Marian Anderson and the Desegregation of the American Concert Stage”

Spring 2016

January 29: Douglas Shadle (Assistant Professor, Vanderbilt University)

February 12: Panel on Teaching at Liberal Arts Colleges: Nikki Malley (Associate Professor, Knox College); John Spilker (Assistant Professor, Nebraska Wesleyan
University); Jama Stilwell (Professor, Cornell College)

February 19: Kelsey McGinnis (University of Iowa)

February 26: Wendy Heller (Professor, Princeton University)

March 11: Elizabeth Margulis (Professor, University of Arkansas)

April 1: Melvin Butler (Assistant Professor, University of Chicago), co-sponsored with John Rapson

April 8: Danielle Fosler-Lussier (Associate Professor, the Ohio State University)

April 22: Ama Aduonum (Associate Professor, Illinois State University)

April 29: Matthew Arndt (Assistant Professor, the University of Iowa)

Fall 2015

September 4: Alison Altstatt (Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa). Co-sponsored by Special Collections. Note alternate location: Room 2032, Main Library.

September 11: Drew Nobile (Assistant Professor, University of Oregon)

October 5, 3:30 pm: Kurt Ellenberger (Grand Valley State University)

October 16: Paul Steinbeck (Assistant Professor, Washington University in St. Louis)

November 20: Anna Gawboy (Assistant Professor, the Ohio State University)

Spring 2015

February 6: Anne MacNeil (Associate Professor, University of North Carolina)

February 20: Katherine Preston (Professor, William and Mary)

March 13: Alexander Rehding (Professor, Harvard University)

April 10: Anne Walters Robertson (Professor, University of Chicago)

May 1: Gretchen Horlacher (Professor, Indiana University)

Fall 2014

October 17: Jennifer Iverson (Assistant Professor of Music Theory, The University of Iowa)

October 24: Victoria Malawey (Assistant Professor of Music, Macalester College)

October 31: Marian Wilson Kimber (Associate Professor of Musicology, The University of Iowa)

November 14: Nathan Platte (Assistant Professor of Musicology, The University of Iowa)

December 5: Augusta Read Thomas (University Professor, University of Chicago)

December 12: Seth Brodsky (Assistant Professor of Music, University of Chicago)

Spring 2014

February 7: Benjamin Dwyer (Professor, Middlesex University, London)

February 21: David Huron (Professor, Ohio State University)

February 28: Jeffrey Magee (Professor, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign)

March 7: Jennifer Teitle (Associate Director of Graduate Student Success, the University of Iowa)

March 28: Eric Saylor (Associate Professor, Drake University)

April 11: Melinda Boyd (Assistant Professor, University of Northern Iowa)

May 2: William Caplin (James McGill Professor, McGill University)