September 28: Jason Rawls

Hip-Hop as an Educational Tool: Why Hip Hop Education is Imperative to Teachers and Students

Participants will be introduced to the concept of Hip-hop education (#HipHopEd) and some of its biggest proponents. The use of Hip-Hop as culturally relevant pedagogy and its effects on the teacher-student relationship will be explored. Through demonstration and video, Dr. Rawls uses crowd participation to exhibit the power of hip-hop in the classroom. He also discusses his research on Relational Pedagogy and how it can be linked with Hip-hop based education to gain an understanding of youth culture power. More specifically, the seminar will discuss: 1) a brief introduction to the culture of Hip-hop and its impact on global society from 1973-present day, 2) a brief look at the progression of Hip-Hop in education and a foreshadowing of where it may be headed, and 3) a discussion of why Hip-Hop and youth culture can be used to build stronger teacher-student relationships.